How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Eat A Burger

Many people have a question how long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat a burger, the oral surgeon always advise needing to eat soft types of foods after removing your wisdom teeth, you can eat a burger but need to maintain something before eating a burger,


If you’re a lover of burgers you need to reduce your habit of eating burgers when you have wisdom teeth issues, if you eat it might cause irritation, infection or pain, and other teeth and tooth damage issues,


No need to worry or getting confused about your favorite foods, you can enjoy your burger after two weeks but it defends your treatment procedure, so let’s talk step by step what you can eat after wisdom teeth removal and what you have to avoid the first one to two weeks

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Eat A Burger

Who is a lover of burger and eating every day they’re asking always how long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat a burger, the answer is you can eat a burger after two weeks but if you feel any discomfort or pain in your tooth then you have to avoid,


After extraction eating burger its risk of infection, you have to at least one to two weeks consume soft food, after one to two weeks you can eat a burger or hamburger in bite sizes, after 48 hours you can enjoy solid foods but it defends situation of your teeth and mouth,


When your wisdom teeth pulled eating solids foods you will feel irritation in your mouth, in this condition you need to avoid spicy, sticky, crunchy foods and a nutritious diet reduce teeth issues fast,


Take time at least two weeks to eat burgers or other sticky and hard foods wisdom teeth are some cases very difficult extraction it might create horrible pain, if you feel the pain you can try warm salt water to minimize the pain or ice cream, however, the dentist will give medicine if you notice pain


Extraction sites do gently irrigate with saline rinse by saltwater it will keep that area clean and don’t forget to do after every meal it will help to protect from infection developing, also the dentist will give you a syringe to keep maintaining your daily oral hygiene routine.


If your upper wisdom teeth removed you can enjoy burger accept pizza, takis, steak, nuts, popcorn after 2 weeks, if the lower wisdom tooth takes out than you need to wait to eight weeks to consume burgers or other solid foods.


Why You Can’t Eat A Burger After Wisdom Teeth Removed

 Most of the people asking how long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat a burger, the first week you can’t eat a burger or other chewy or hard food especially spicy dishes and acidic foods, it can increase pain and irritation, you might feel fever, swollen gums, blood coming out from extraction area,


Might you feel a bad taste and bad breath your mouth also other infection might increase such a cavity, bacteria, dry mouth as well other tooth problems, so batter to ignore 1 to 2 weeks hard and sticky food like burgers, crust pizza, steak, also sugary drinks,


The dentist not allowed to consume hard kind of foods, just avoid the first one week you can consume soft types of foods, below give some issues it might happen if consume hard types of foods after wisdom teeth removed,

·         Pain

·         Irritation

·         Pus or blood issues from the extraction area

·         Fever

·         Dry mouth

·         Tooth decay

·         Chills

·         blood clots

·         Sore and swollen gums from extraction

·         Bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth

·         Jaw muscles problems

·         Might dry socket


How Long Pain Last After Wisdom Teeth Removed

 No need to scare about the pain is normal, you will feel inflammation, discomfort after tooth extraction, you can take pain relievers to prescribe from your dentist, the general dentist will give you prescribe for pain relievers, and without the dentist, permission doesn’t take any medicine,


The extraction area might tender or you may feel swelling gum issues, it will gradually reduce the pain after two to three days, if your pain and extraction swelling not decrease after one week then you need to talk to your dentist for a checkup, it might get an infection.


8 Ways that will help you to relieve pain after wisdom teeth removed:

1.    Numbing gel

2.    Ibuprofen

3.    Ice pack

4.    Saltwater rinse

5.    Cloves

6.    Onion

7.    Teabags

8.    Drink more water as much as you possible


What to Expect After Wisdom Teeth Removed

·         Discomfort: When feeling getting comeback into your mouth you will feel discomfort.


·         Swelling: After dental surgery some swelling is ordinary and many cases its go down after two or three days, if you feel swelling pain is over then you need to speak with the dentist.


·         Bleeding:  You will experience after surgery first 10 to 24 hours bleeding or oozing so no need to worry about it just communicate with your oral surgeon


·         Mouth: Very difficult to open your mouth and might extraction area earache


·         Rinse: After surgery need to wait for 24 to rinse your mouth


·         Do Not Use: You have avoided using mouth rinses for wash oral surgeon not recommended


What need to Do After Wisdom Teeth Removed

·         After surgery no need to brush and rinse your teeth you have to do after 24 hours


·         After 24 hours wash your mouth properly with warm water with mixed salt and do it after every meal, and warm saltwater practice to do every 2 hours until a week


·         You have to quit smoking otherwise smoke will increase bleeding, smoking will cause other tooth problems, smoking normally harmful for your health and teeth


·         Need to take care of oral hygiene routine after wisdom teeth removed, you have minimized brush and floss your teeth after oral surgery, normally you need to maintain your daily oral hygiene,


if your teeth sensitivity than you can avoid for a week, but if you                             keep cleaning of your teeth that will prevent to development of plaque and bacteria.



·         Need to avoid for 24 hours hot liquid such a tea, coffee, and drinking alcohol, sodas also using a straw


40 Soft Food to eat After Wisdom Teeth Removed

1.    Blended Soups

2.    Broths and rice pudding

3.    Greek Yogurt

4.    Scrambled Eggs

5.    Applesauce

6.    Mashed Potatoes

7.    Mashed Bananas

8.    Avocado

9.    Banana Ice Cream

10. Hummus

11. Smoothies

12. Cottage Cheese

13. Mashed Pumpkin

14. Instant Oatmeal

15. Salmon

16. milkshakes

17. pureed seedless fruit

18. soups

19. refried beans

20. jelly

21. mashed beans, such as black beans, kidney beans, and butter beans

22. regular potatoes and mashed sweet

23. mashed vegetables such as parsnips, carrots, and broccoli soft steamed

24. scrambled eggs

25. soft cheeses

26. Clams and Clam Chowder

27. Butternut Squash with cooked soft

28. Sour Cream

29. Spaghetti

30. Spinach

31. Steamed Vegetables

32. Stewpot roast after dental implants

33. Sweet Potatoes

34. Tapioca Pudding

35. Tea

36. Tofu

37. Tuna Salad

38. Waffles

39. Yellow Squash

40. Ramen Noodles


40 Foods to Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removed

1.    Spicy foods

2.    Hard foods

3.    Grains

4.    Seeds

5.    Chewy gum or Bubble gum

6.    Sticky foods

7.    Spirits

8.    Don’t use a straw

9.    Chicken with bone

10. Meat

11. Hard rolls

12. Popcorn

13. Nuts

14. Tortilla

15. Seeds

16. Sticky and hard chocolate

17. Taffy and mentos

18. Thick crust pizza

19. Raw vegetable

20. Italian/French bread

21. Corn on the cob

22. Ice

23. Meat with bone

24. Whole apple, guards,

25. Pear, raw carrot,

26. Hard Crackers

27. hard cookies

28. Alcohol such a wine, vodka

29. carboned drinks

30. Pretzels

31. Croutons

32. Spicy foods

33. sticky candy

34. Hard candy

35. Alcohol

36. Caffeine

37. Takis

38. Marshmallows

39. Trans fat

40. Soda


Nutrition Facts of Burgers

Amount Per 100 grams:

           Calories 261

·         Total Fat 11 g                                

·         Saturated fat is 3.8 gm                             

·         Polyunsaturated fat is 1.1 gm      

·         Monounsaturated fat is 4.1 gm   

·         Trans fat regulation is - 0.5 gm   

·         Cholesterol 35 mg                       

·         Sodium is - 461 mg                                   

·         Potassium is - 215 mg                              

·         Total Carbohydrate is 27 gm                   

·         Dietary fiber is - 2 gm                                

·         Sugar 6 g   

·         Protein is - 15 gm                                      

·         Calcium is - 7%      

·         Iron is -16%

·         Vitamin B-6 - 5%

·         Vitamin B-12 - 32.92%      

·         Magnesium is - 6%


Side Effect of Eating Burger After Wisdom Teeth Removed

·         Risk of obesity

·         Heart disease

·         Digestive issues

·         Depression

·         Stroke

·         Cancer


The Benefit of Eating Burger

1.    Iron

2.    Red blood cells

3.    protein

4.    Vitamins B6 and B12,

5.    Minerals


A lot of patients asking a question of how long after wisdom teeth removal can I eat a burger, the reply is you can’t consume before 2 weeks, its harmful for your oral treatment, and dentist not allowed to consume any type of sticky or hard foods, however, if you any hesitation you need to discuss with your oral surgent for a proper guide. Thank

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