Best wishes quotes :

During special occasions such as birthdays and weddings, whether within family or friends, giving our best wishes has become an unofficial tradition. It’s unofficial since there’s really no rule to follow, rather it’s something that we naturally do for our loved ones. We express our concern and love by giving gifts along with our best wishes. We do not just do this during special events but also when a person dear to us is sick and we want them to know we’re praying for their fast healing.

It’s a beautiful thing to do this because it reminds the person how important they are in our lives and that we will always wish them well in whatever they’re going through in life. Aside from writing our best wishes using cards, it can also be done in person or in a face to face conversation

Happy life Quotes

Words come out of the heart, words come out of the brain
Stop regretting life, but do something that people regret leaving you

What is the use of remembering the past, When tomorrow comes to give another chance.
Your happiness is the greatest punishment for your enemy !!

One who suffers may be happier next, But the grieving can never be happy 

People want you to do better, But it is also true that they never want you to do better than them.
Do not know how my death will be, but it is certain that your infidelity will be better than this.
The one who gets a smile becomes rich but the one who gives it is not poor.
I learned from the sea the way to live, Silently flow and stay in your pleasure.
It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness
Out of life with heart, heart felt Life is a little, a little smiling… !!!
Some relationships connect with the heart, Every relationship is not necessarily about blood.
Our moment is very beautiful, When you are close to us.
Every day is a very happy day, The day you talk to your mother with a smile.
Happiness is not something ready made.
A great obstacle to happiness is to expect too much happiness
We are forced by our habit like flowers, Brokers also punish Bale to smell.
We change our hobbies with time and circumstances, not friends.
Give me a little time to make time That will change your time.
Peace and happiness come from within, not from seeking.

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