Funny Friendship Quotes :

These are some funny friendship quotes and sayings that may remind you of the kind of relationship you have with your closest friends funny quotes. They say that friends are god’s way of making up for our families funny quotes English
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Funny Friendship Quotes

 Funny Quotes on Friendship :

#1. Speaking important to our friends to believe that we are unreservedly frank with them, and important to the friendship that we are not.

#2. We will love you if the world becomes angry with us. We are farmers, will express love by selling potatoes.

#3. If you want to love, then do girls with sisters is foolish.

#4. When I went to say Heart to heart So make a fuss. The bitches on the mud had fallen. Seeing him Could not recognize He considered someone crazy. I made a mat.

#5.  The moon is also Surya today. Looks at your manic episode. Has come again.

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#6. Friendship is not possible between two women, one of whom is very well dressed.

#7. The light of the stars came out less than the moon. See you laugh my smile

#8. You are also very smiling then, you are also very shy. The heart wants to call you to a party, But you have heard that you eat well too.

#9. He said why he wanted to break me down. I said it was empty of my mind and no problem.

#10. After talking on the messenger, our sleep was blown from them.
When found in front, the weight was 75 and the name was petal.


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#11. One sure way to lose another woman's friendship is to try to improve her flower arrangements.

#12. The stars will see you and they will ask for it. And thirsty will ask for losses from your slaves. Do not allow the scarf to slide off your shoulder. Otherwise old people will also ask for blessings of youth.

#13. Husband is always on your face, this is my blessing. Your sweetheart should become GF Mary.

#14. Girls who eat before marriage. After marriage, she eats big feet with a spindle.

#15. Mosquito bit my friend this was his passion. Then he got itchy there. But I could not kill him even though I wanted to, My friend was your blood in Rago.


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#16. Best friends don't care if your house is clean. They care if you have

#17. In earlier times people used to succeed. And nowadays people go viral.

#18. Have heard today, Nazo tantrums You have started lifting someone else. How many ways I started burning you.

#19. Neither Pooja nor Rani has only one principle. Brother beat me on every girl

#20. She sat amazing in love. By writing, I love you 'Send to all'.

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Funny Quotes on Love :

#21. Friendship is so weird ... you just pick a human you've met and you're like 'Yep, I like this one and you just do stuff with them. "

#22. That eye was very sweet. Which she killed me. We were robbed for free, friends. We did not know that he, Baba Ramdev's disease.

#23. Sanam re sanam re kab hoga tera janam re

#24. See my post is good thinking BUT you still don't like it. Dude, you are a Born Baby now.

#25. Do not wait for my love What do you know about your number
Has come on the line after digesting.

friendship quotes funny

#26. "I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole

#27. Smiling is the style of every girl. And whoever considers it love is the biggest donkey.

#28. Do not burn the neighbors with this much makeup. Sometimes call them at our home too.

#29. That quote is a good photo. I said do not try and have a good address with you.

#30. Children celebrate Valentine. Celebrates its own direct service.
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#31. Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face

#32. You became me leaving me and not you I got a new boyfriend.
What have you got for Baba Ji

#33. My wife disturbed me today. Same with Kama Wali Bai. Took all the work of the house.

#34. I loved you only by understanding. Who did you consider to be some time pass by?

#35. The fun of college is something else. Everyone wants to impress everyone. Whatever lies in its own She hanged on her friend's neck.

friendship quotes funny

#36. Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

#37. You also have the chance to try it. Don't kill my friend like this.
We too are standing in that way. Ever see us, we fight Akhila.

#38. The story of Raja Rani became old. All the lords are new every day
Girls became crazy.

#39. After listening, we also cried and wept as well. He finds comfort in my arms. By saying this, they chose who they should bring daily.

#40. Husband today for his wife A song is formulated. You are my sweetest Is the most unique You have eaten food. Now it seems to be my turn.
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#41. Knowledge cannot replace friendship. Being rather an idiot than lose you.

#42. My wish is to make you sit in my eyes. Apply with the chest. But reduce your weight a bit. Then I shall take the matter further.

#43. Broke the star from the sky, Alam-e-lanai has given a share,
My luck also hurts me, God has given so much love to a friend.

#44. A friend is a friend in a friend, The feeling is when it is separated.

#45. Neither you go away nor we go away, Will share their share of friendship


#46. Friendship is so weird… you just pick up a human self met and I like “yup, I like this one” and you just do stuff with them.

#47. Whenever we leave your world, we Will give so much happiness and belonging, That whenever you remember this crazy friend, Tears will come out from laughing eyes.

#48. Habits are different from those of my world, I keep my friends low but I am excellent.

#49. True friends never let us fall, Neither in the eyes nor in anyone's footsteps.

#50. It was better not to avoid the hostility of storms, A plethora of friends drowned in Sahil.

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#51. Who was not friends with whom I did not love, When seen at a bad time, there was no friend.

#52. Those who are close to the heart do not feel happy, Like this, they do not show their friendship If you remain silent then suffocation will increase, Do not hide anything from your loved ones.

#53. Everyone loves the time, my friend, The fun is when the time does not change but a friend.

#54. I saw what the pulse said to me after laughing, The treatment of your heart is a cure for your friends.

#55. Your friendship is the instrument of ours, We are proud of a friend like you, Now whatever happens in life, Friendship will remain as it is today.

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#56. We All Have That One Friend That We Can't Put On Speakerphone Because We Know Know Going To Come Out Of Their Mouth.

#57. Have to request God, No friendship should be found other than your friendship, Friends like you in every birth, Or never get a life again.

#58. See my friendship is true, Please come to me and see me.
Gold never changes its color, Watch the fire as often as you want.

#59. You always keep smiling, this is my wish Every blessing is asked for is just happiness, See the whole world as friends, Still, you will feel lack of us.

#60. If given, they burn even in the wind, Roses also feed in thorns, It is very lucky that evening, Friends like when you meet.

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#61. People say no one gets a god on the ground, Perhaps those people do not find you as friends.

#62. Only the fortunate get refuge in someone's heart,  Every person does not get the address of Paradise.

#63. We are not afraid of the enemy's land, We are afraid of friends being angry.

#64. We are a bit crude in the world, But in terms of friendship, Our truth is just on this point, That our friends are better than us.

#65. My mind was like a computer…. Pagli hanged by doing Luv u Luv u.

Friends quotes in english

 #66. A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. "

#67. Look at the extent of love, a girlfriend of a boy is dead.

#68. God is here, there is God, there is God around, and where there is no God, there will be tomorrow

#69. Somebody is sad because of you; If possible, come back with some excuse; Look at you once a million times; How much garbage is there due to you not coming!

#70. Should you have a government or marriage in your India, everyone needs happy news in a year 

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#71. True friendship is about being there when believed convenient; Being about being there when it's not.

#72. Don't talk or cry Do not punish by staying silent If you can not give happiness, you will never give sorrow Friend, do not forget your feelings

#73. Friends are not forgotten is the wrong thing Relationships are not erased, they are with love If you don't believe it's empty-handed Will always be with you only your feelings

#74. Make mistakes in friendship sometimes improve Borrow from friends in need Friend, if you are closer Laugh through it

#75. Afraid of punishment by doing acts Once upon a time, afraid of medicine, Garo's sets are less intimidating We were afraid of friends


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#76. Friendship is the bane of feelings Is a lovely world made up of strangers The one who accompanies every moment is called the friend
Otherwise, many Dafa shadows also leave

#77. Years pass as youth Things are lost as a story Friends are always close Sometimes laughing sometimes

#78. O Allah, do me a favor Filling a smile in a friend's life Remove shadow of pain My body needs me to blood

#79.The world sees faces, we see hearts The world sees the fog, we see the floor People have gone to find friends in the world We see the world in friends

#80. God came out in their life Being love in my friend's life They got good friends from me too Someday Saturday someday


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#81 I Think We Had Be Friend Forever Because I Too Too Lazy To Find New Friends.

#82 May every wish of life be fulfilled Meet the plot of enemy Continuation of our friendship We may not be there, but  friendship is our important

#83. If it is dark then it will be evening Every happiness will be spent on you Try if you get a chance Laughing on the lips and on the palm will be my life

#84. There are many times in separation Many people have infidelity in love Extend arms once Will tell how much truth is there in friendship

#85. You smell like a fragrance You are in every fraction like blood
Friendship is a precious relationship Alphonso among you thousand mangoes

#86. I said… get blown away in my love… He also said… papers are running, get lost…

#87. Even today, Faraz seeks out the person who said that bass "metric" Carlo is easy to study further ..

#88. If someone has cheated in love, someone has sworn, we are the one who has just and only gathered.

#89. My love was rewarded with infidelity, my heart was given the message of remembrance. I said if I have pain in my heart, Idiot went "Zandu balm"

#90. Stop, my life is coming to my mind… Take a little right from now on… Saggaret shop is coming.


Tags-   A person shares his feelings with those whom he considers most important! And to share love feelings, many people in life believe that there should be a partner. So that they can tell their mind to their lover or girlfriend.

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