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Quotes For Boyfriend In English :
#1. All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love.
#2. There are thousands of convoys and millions of fairs, but where you are not there, we are completely alone.
#3. Love must be from the heart, what is the fate, it can change at any time .. !!
#4. Smiling face makes your heart even more romantic .. !!
#5. Do not be seduced by touching Lavo, do not indulge in dreams like this.
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#6. I love to cry in the rain because the only time no one can hear the pain.
#7. Always keep my life happy. God cut the cost of his wounds from my life
#8. Why should not I go on my own, he wanted me for whom there were thousands who wanted
#9. There are thousands of medicines to sleep .. Love is enough to come 
#10. Of course, you have the right to anger me, but somewhere in displeasure, don't forget that we love you very much.
one line love status in english
#11. It feels good .. When you say something without me ... Just looking at me .. a smile comes on your face .. !!
#12. These mirrors that you like less, they know that you like us.
#13. Everyone understands things, let us be such a fellow who understands silence.
#14. Listen… Our heart has chosen you among thousands, that’s why my love is millions of times for you
#15. Nobody would have loved you more than I thought you would.
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#16. Drunk people run on red light normal people wait for them to turn green.!
#17. Don't know how you fell in love with me, when I see you and I don't feel like seeing anything
#18. You will not be able to determine the extent of my love, I love you more than the breath.
#19. You are as IMPORTANT for me as Kashmir love you for INDIA
#20. No name of this relationship but you are very special to me
ove status in english for girlfriend
#21. Your anger is also so sweet that the heart keeps harassing you all day long.
#22. Take care of you from my mind too… so how can you be included in my thoughts…
#23. Yes, there are lots of complaints on you, remember love is also with you.
#24. You ask me in the morning, if you don't believe in the evening, this heart beats just in your name
#25. No moon is needed no I need a glimpse of you
 Two Lines Status:
                                     beautiful status in english
#26. I am in love, you are stubborn, I am in you, you are in me.
#27. Only finding someone is not love, love is said to make a place in someone's heart
#28. Who was fond of love here? You came close and fell in love.
#29. The reason we love it because the reason is simple.
#30. I saw the strange passion of nigah-e-Ishq and saw you
love status in english and hindi
#31. You do not even realize how much love you have, just a little more every day we go to join you
#32. Where is written with words, these restless love, I have called you from the bottom of my heart every time
#33. My heart is very fragile, never attack it, and never mess with this heart.
#34. Hold hands, the crowds are heavy in the world, don't go anywhere, I am your responsibility
#35. If a person remembers you as soon as you wake up in the morning and before bed, then you are definitely very special to him.
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 #36. Your cute smile is all I need to battle all the struggles in my life.
#37. One thing is missing from you, but we have got everything by loving you.
#38. In Ishq, he who admits his own fault is only his true love, and he goes far.
#39. Don't know why even after seeing you. You only want to see me!
#40. Always be close to the person who will make you happy, but be closer to that person who cannot be happy without you 

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#41. The love for true love is never far from love, no matter how far it goes, it still comes close.
#42. Love is not necessary, but love is full of life, it is very important.
#43. What is love, we knew where  just one day you saw us and we went
#44. Nobody would have loved you more than I thought you would.
#45. You will not be able to determine the extent of my love, I love you more than the breath.
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 #46. No name of this relationship but You are very special to me.
#47. Your anger is so cute too, Heart does trouble me all day long.
#48. What is the news to your senses, Flirt once and see what life is.
#49. You ask me in the morning, if you don't believe in the evening, this heart beats just in your name.
#50.If a person gets angry and the same person comes to meet you, then never lose it, because that person loves you very much.
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#51. Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.
#52. If you love and do not love them, Then love those who love you.
#53. If a person who loves you, and suddenly becomes depressed, then you should worry about this.
#54. It is not a big deal to be someone's first love in life, The big thing is about becoming someone's last love.
#55. Just getting someone is not called love, Love is said to make a place in one's heart
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#56. In real love, you want the other person's good. In romantic love, you want the other person.
#57.  We love it without reason, Because the reason is simple.
#58. My heart is very fragile, never attack it, And never mess with this heart.
#59. We do not force ourselves in love, Whenever you want, take heart from us.
#60. Before falling in the heart, the heart must learn, Because not everyone does loyalty.
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 #61. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
#62. You are just short of one, The rest of us have got everything by loving you.
#63. I will surely give you my love for you, Now even if my heart wants God, I will stop laughing.
#64. In Ishq who accepts his own fault, He only has true love, And the same goes far.
#65. You try a lot to get away from us, We will request that God bring you closer.
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#66. I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go
#67. Love is the same Where people care about each other.
#68. You go away from me happily, whenever I feel like there was something in your life, then come to me at the same time.
#69. You have become so much in my life, Now live as you wish, or as love.
#70. Love is never far away from those who love true love No matter how far she goes, she still comes close.
sad love status in english
#71. Light travels faster than sound… indicating why people appear bright until they speak
#72, Humans lose only two things, One is love and the other is  time, Time does not wait for anyone, And love is not with everyone.
#73. One man fights another person till then As long as he expects love from humans, When love ends, hope also ends.
#74 It is not like love, He loves to do whatever he likes, he likes it.
#75. Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.

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