Mother Quotes in English :

Hey dark! See, your face turned black, Mother opened her eyes and the house became bright. In this way she washes my sins, the mother is crying if she is very angry. My wish is that I become an angel again, cling to my mother in such a way that I become a child.

Mother Quotes in English :

Mother Quotes in English :

A doctor who does not need a degree is a "mother"
A woman sacrifices equally as a wife and mother !!"

There is a lot of ways to die, but just to be born a mother….
Man is what his mother made him !!

Mother is the angel whose God desires to be born from the womb.Life began with waking up and loving mother's face! 

The world has seen all the beauty but the mother who is in your aspect is nowhere else… 

"My mother used to think of me in such a way that I was always in bliss !!" 

Mother Quotes in English :

I am the best friend of all time, no matter how big I am your mother even today.

"I got a chance to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in myself !!" 

I can forget everything… not you mother, you are the only reason to smile.

"Whatever I am or hope to be, the credit goes to my mother !!" 

In a house where the mother does not appreciate, there is never a barkat.

Mother Quotes in English : 

"Do you ever say to mother -" Mother! How are you? " The mother gets everything from listening to this much .. Isn't it? " 

The one who does not end up is called Aasam, where the one who does not end is called Mother.

"Only parents can love without selfishness in this world! 

My mother's heart was so big, so big that she would get everyone's grief and happiness…

"It is said that the first love is never forgotten, then why do people forget the love of their parents!" 

Mother Quotes in English :
"Do something that your parents say in their prayers." Lord, give us such children in every birth. "

"God cannot be everywhere, so He created Mother!" 

"With thousands of notes, now the need is fulfilled ... The demand was in one rupee coin from" Mother ".

"A good mother equals thousands of teachers! 

What temple, what mosque, what should the Ganges do? .. That house is like a temple in which children should welcome the parents. "

Mother Quotes in English 

"Win the hearts of the parents and you will succeed. Otherwise, you will win the whole world and lose!" 

"There is magic in the hands of the mother, whether it is the fate of shaving luck or on the cheek !!!"

 "The best gift God has given me, I call her 'Mother' :)" 

Gawan is the visible parent, and the parent is the visible God! "

 "Mother's love is a white light, in which children's caricatures resonate as a melody!" 

Mother Quotes in English

The child who leaves his mother's life is deserted for him again! " "We can make anyone goofy anytime, but mother? …… haha ​​ha! Never:

When you used to say "yes", "yes", then I would understand everything. . Today, when grown up, he says, "Mother, you don't understand anything".

I hate every person who swears by his mother in small matters and bets on him." 

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