Royal  Attitude Quotes in English

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Royal Attitude Quotes

#1. You are the driver of your own life, Don’t let anyone steal your seat.
#2. Work until the day your signature will be called an autograph.

#3. Not only daggers but water in eyes O God, let me be an enemy too

#4. I spoil with love I have a hard accent

#5. Ok listen now someone beat me Otherwise I poison on paper Will eat by writing

#6. If you are tired of proposing a rose May try once by giving the onion

#7. Girls say that we are the girls of today's bail Like we boys came out of the excavation of Harappa

#8. The day I wake up early, The housemates look as if the hero has entered a movie

#9. Who says that beauties have fallen Looks even more beautiful
 Nowadays, abuses come down

#10. Everything God has given, Just want to say don't go to office today

Royal Attitude Quotes

Best Attitude Quotes :

#11. Thank you, god, for closing doors, looking not strong enough to close and opening doors closing not strong enough to open.

#12. The toughest boy is Golgappa Give the girl any smile, But the bride does not forget her count

#13. We do not drink milk even at night thinking Who will take the veil after drinking milk?

#14. Do evil to her maiden with your wife And know my own and my family's history

#15. Nowadays, daughters are not less than Beto Want to do some household work


Royal Attitude Quotes

#16. Attitude shows children, We show people their status !!!

#17. I do not play games that are fixed, Because winning is fun when you risk losing

#18. It is better if you give it yourself, otherwise, we steal the heart

#19. The race is run by people who have to try their luck We are the players who play with their luck

#20. Do not ask me, my lover, Our shroud will also be of "Rams"
Royal Attitude Quotes english

#21. She said I don't want to get you So I also said that my girlfriend's love is beyond your limits.

#22. We are afraid of nobody's father, Just fuckin this thing called Respect comes in the middle

#23. Just pretend to be decent in front of you Otherwise, come and see where I lay. Salute line

#24. The wait is just for that day The day your name will be behind us

#25. No animosity my life Just stubborn. Want to live with you

Royal Attitude Quotes english

New Attitude Quotes:

#26. A person who falls and gets back up is much stronger than a person who never fell.

#27. The world runs with fear And us from style Jo Jale see jaleo Gaara saide se

#28. Does not even take a bribe to give up life. I find this love for you too "Kejriwal".

#29. There is care that shows how much consideration is there,
Otherwise, there are no scales in the relationship.

#30. Whether it is a class exam or marriage, Looks good only when it belongs to others.

#31. Banda must be right in his own eyes, The world is even sadder than god

#32. The color of his cheeks was exactly like tea What was it then closed the eyes and took a sip.

#33. Looks like we were born to post No one loves me

#34. Who is like a friend I am in her affair and she is in someone else's affair

#35. Eyes Peas Cheek Tomatoes Nose like ladyfinger, Are you my friend or a vegetable market

#36. Only a strong man can handle a strong woman. A weak man will just say that she has an attitude problem.

#37. We are not single people sir We love anyone without telling them

#38. Two koi threats Four people give

#39. DP is just to show off otherwise My name is enough to create

#40. Love grows by sharing Animals do kill animals.

#41. An apple a day will keep just about anyone away if you throw it hard enough

#42. The pigeon refused to carry the letter .. Said my own breakup is from a dove

#43. We put tears of tears and tears for them. That infidel turned and put an umbrella

#44. Some girls are so fair When you see them, you speak loudly British Quit India

#45. To my silence Don't understand my weakness In gestures How many settings have been spoiled

Best Attitude Status in English :

#46. Still have time left Heartbeats, Who I tell you I love you

#47. I live in gurur Leave it like that, The way Rahul Dravid was outside the stump Used to drop balls.

#48. Your love was like You are beautiful where a girl was very

#49. White knuckles darling With red lips

#50. If that meri did not happen then there was no surprise in it, because goat Ki was not so happy with the lion.

#51. Who says Pyaar happens once, if Dil is shameless it happens again and again !!

#52. Hear Pagali Senty be not in our nature, Bhag re Chori Ye Ladka not in your luck !!

#53. There are a lot of shortcomings in me… but if anyone removes it and sees it.

#54. There is no sorrow if I do not get the edge, I do not have to swim while immersing others.

#55. Guess our status, you take this life, we are never the one who becomes someone else.


#56. The person of great people disappeared, son, you don't even try to bow down, your age will pass in toppling me.

#57. Unknown habit and amazing nature is my love, love or hate, I hate it with great devotion.

#58. Before removing millions of flaws inside me, show yourself by eliminating all the imperfections.

#59. My father said, Sudhar Ja Pagle .. I said if I improve then what will happen to them….! Whom I have spoiled.

#60. We are the ones who punish their enemies very well, do not raise their hands, and just drop them from the eyes.


#61. I do not need to prove myself innocent, because I believe that I am innocent.

#62. It is better to be ruined by falsely suspecting someone, to be ruined by believing in someone.

#63. Even today, we play the game of Shatranj alone, Because against our friends, we don't know how to do the trick !!

#64. Brother, I have given the right to speak only to my friends ..! Otherwise, even today the enemy tells us our father .. !!

#65. It is not my nature to stand in a crowd, but I should remain the crowd I stand for…!


#66. Be successful if not for yourself or for all those who consider you a failure

#67. The real fun of living life comes when friends, even enemies are desperate to join hands with us !!

#68. Oh, God !! O 60 Crore Goddess !! To give all my enemies a long life to see my success.

#69. I can forgive but never forget the cheater.

#70. Even before trying to recognize my courage, the big storm changed its path earlier.

#71. It is better to keep calm than to argue with a stupid logo.

#72. It is better to be happy alone than to befriend a fool.

#73. Today there will be neither muscle nor witness, whatever will get entangled with us will be directly destroyed !!

#74. Today I am very sorry for my mistake, I forgot that you are a fool.

#75. Do not make the mistake of trying even forgetting my luck, I have already turned many storms…!

#76. Self Respect is a small thing that makes you different from others.

#77. We are the creators of our destiny, let's make it better.

#78. I have a habit of speaking the truth in someone's mouth, that's why everybody calls me a misanthrope.

#79. Whatever is true of the heart, no matter how much it quarrels, but will never leave.

#80. Friends, I have known the game of life after watching it carefully… I do not have a big enemy at heart… !!!


Girls Attitude Status:

#81. Just if you are not so close to me, then even then we do not feel the distance.

#82. I used to think it takes time to change a life. But what I knew was that changing times would change my life

#83. Pride often ends in pride, and precious relationships do not fail every time, friends.

#84. If there is anything to be left in this world, it is to give up hope from the world.

#85. Okay, Nahi is eye to eye, and Baat let's erase our name !!

#86. Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity

#87. The lion is called a king with his strength, there are no elections in the forest.

#88. Everyone has tried, but not everyone has agreed, everyone knows how to show attitude, but not everyone has guessed themselves

#89. It is the work of children to see attitude, we directly show their status to the people

#90. We all have  Bap, who is entangled with us, go see what is his ashes in the world

#91. Your attitude toward what is right and wrong shows what you truly are

#92. Do not say that I will leave you, neither is it your concern nor we are so common

#93. The rest of the boys are written in the name of Love Letter, FIR is written in our name ..!

#94. The destination was unfortunate that could not get us .. Otherwise what is the chance of victory that rejects us.

#95. I never answered a brick with a stone, just gave it back, who would spoil the time in finding the stone.

#96. Listen like you think Pagli, I am not like you and I am not like you, you can not even think

#97. I like .. losing to those people… who won for the first time because of me losing.

#98. The character should also turn pink in my evening If you come then love will become my Nawabi.

#99. Our way of living is a little different, We live on our stubbornness, not on Umaid

#100. It was a strange fear in the eyes of the lion who saw the traces of our shoes in the forest.
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