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write it in such a place that the first sight should be the same as you wake up in the morning. And start your day with a Positive Thought. Friends, these quotes have been made with the struggle and hard work that comes in life. 

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Life Quotes in English

👍Self-confidence and hard work are the best medicine to kill the disease called failure. It makes you a successful person
👍We cannot fix tomorrow which is gone, but in the tomorrow that is coming, we can win or lose. 
👍Do not get too worried about life, you are not going to escape from it.
👍If you trust the above, you will get what is written in your fortune. But if you trust yourself, then you will write whatever you want in your fortune
👍If a loser smiles even after losing, then the winner also loses the joy of victory. This is the power of a smile. 
👍I have no shame in telling you that I believe in miracles.
👍If you look at the goal and step on the path, there is no way that does not reach the goal.
👍Do not torture any poor he will just cry But if the above listens, you will lose your personality

👍When you really want success, you will never give up. No matter how bad the situation may be.
👍The moment you decide in your mind, the moment you have half the victory.
👍Everything changes with time Way too realize and sometimes we ourselves
👍Positive thinking will improve what you are doing compared to negative thinking.


👍I do not know the mantra of success, but trying to make everyone happy is the mantra of failure.
👍Instead of hating, I choose to forgive and spend all my positive energy on changing the world.
👍The most difficult task in life is to understand which bridges to cross, and which ones to destroy.
👍The world is often changed by people who don't think the world is worth doing

👍Faith has the power that can produce light in a desolate world. Faith can turn a stone into a god and unbelief can make a man a stone-hearted by God !!
👍You can learn more from negative leadership than positive leadership. Because you learn from it how not to. And, therefore, you learn how to do it.
👍👍Things change and your friends also leave you, but life does not stop for anyone.
👍You may be poor, your shoe is torn, but your heart is always palace.


👍Every morning brings some conditions of life and Every evening of life goes by giving some experience
👍Truth is not for all individuals, it is only for those who want to adopt the truth in their lives. 
👍Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help to make a fact
 👍By the time we know what life is, it is half over. 


👍If you cannot write someone's happiness by becoming a pencil, So try to be a good rubber and erase someone's grief !!
👍One day you will definitely get upset with yourself, not with time and circumstances, that life was in front of you and you are "entangled in the world"

👍To be successful, your desire for success must outweigh the fear of failure.
👍A strong positive mental outlook will be more miraculous than any brilliant medicine. 
👍The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.
👍Just as a candle cannot be lit without fire, similarly men cannot live without a spiritual life.

👍For the first time in the world, the world was happy when you cried, go from such a world that then the whole world cries and you keep laughing.
👍Whatever you want to say or do, be positive that it is helpful in every situation; It never gives anyone a chance to complain.

👍You should think twice before speaking. Because your words can make seeds of success or failure in one's mind
👍Improvement does a lot, but incentives, it does more than that.

👍Always keep in mind that your determination to succeed is also important with this and determination.
👍Rather than love, than money, than celebrity, give me the truth.

👍Never think that something is impossible for the soul, it is the greatest heresy to think, if there is any sin, it is that; To say that you are weak or others are weak. 
👍Life is like a boring story, which is heard twice, but it is a great tool for cleaning the ears of a snoring person. 

👍Anything that satisfies the soul or gets pleasure from it is true.

👍Life is never easy it has to be easy Ignoring some

👍Look at people for an example, but then try to do things in your own way. And as far as possible stay with positive people
👍There are no enemies but I am still upset I am shocked by my own wound
👍It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory of Samaje is yours.

👍After a lifetime of learning, I have only come to know that I have not been able to know anything.
👍Life is not waiting for the storm to go away; This is to enjoy getting wet in the rain.
👍One day your whole life will be seen for a moment in front of your eyes. Try to make it worth watching.

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