God Quotes In English:

 God is the wonderful creator of the universe. He is all-knowing and all-seeing. Nothing escapes His notice. God is a special and intimate god who cares for and ..., God is faithful to do all he says he will do. We have over 50+ uplifting and motivational God Quotes In English collected from various people who have encountered Him through challenging times and their journey through life.

God Quotes In English:

1. Thank God for all the blessings that he has given you

2. I broke the garland thinking that, Why should I count the name of one who lets it go without counting?

3. Never be disappointed with God, Never expect from the world

4. Away from the world of appearances Live in devotion to god

5. True love and god are the same, What everyone talks about, But very few people feel…

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6. God does not reside in the picture but in character, so make your soul a temple…

7. God has created tomorrow only for the work of the local people

8. What do I do better than anyone I make someone better makes a difference…

9. Do not be afraid of God, but fear of deeds, Because God has to suffer the fruits of deeds done…

10. No one is great without struggle Until the hammer strikes Stone is also not God…

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11. True love and God are like one and there is no more desire.

12. The service of parents is equal to the service of God.

13. God's food is ego, so avoid it.

14. Having a devotion to God and doing good work gives us mental peace

15. To love nature is equal to love God, this is the true form of God.

16. When you feel completely alone, you still have God with you.

17. Those wishing for heaven can never attain salvation.

18. Believing the existence of God gives strength.

19. By devotion to God, the disorders of the mind are eliminated and we get closer to God.

20. Unless you believe in yourself, you cannot believe in God either.

God Quotes About Life :

21. If your problem is as big as a ship, then it should not be forgotten that the grace of God is as vast as the ocean.

22. True love and God are the same, about whom everyone talks, but very few people feel.

23. God is the visible parent and the parent is the visible God.

24. There is a very beautiful relationship between me and God, I do not ask for much and they do not give less.

25. They are not found even after searching in the whole world, they are Maya and those who are found sitting in one place are divine.

26. Being a devotee of God does not mean that you will never fall, but when you fall, God will hold your own.

27. If you only have God, then you have everything you need.

28. O God, to give happiness is to give so much that the ego does not come, and to give sorrow is just that in which faith is not broken.

29. Prayers from the true heart reach God.

30. Shraddha means confidence and confidence means faith in God.

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31. Shraddha means confidence and confidence means faith in God.

32. Do not find love in the sky; Look inside you

33. "Have faith in God, but keep your preparation complete."

34. Being a devotee of God does not mean that you will never fall,
But when you fall, God will hold you back

35. Faith does not mean that God will do right for you, but that God will do what is right.

36. "What we are is a gift from God. What we become is our gift to God. "

37. "You can't believe in God unless you believe in yourself."

38. "If you believe that you have a part of God in you, then you can do any impossible work."

39. "Fear God, the rest of your fears will go away."

40. "If you only have God, then you have everything you need."

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41. "Everyone has to do labor for the fruits of karma land, God only gives lines, we have to fill color only."

42. "Shraddha" means "confidence", and "confidence" means "faith in God".

43. "God is bored with great kingdoms, but is never disturbed by small flowers."

44. "God is not so cruel and cruel who distinguishes between male and female between women and women."

45. "God is not in idols, your feeling is your God. And the soul is your temple. "

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46. Whatever is in your mind, God has all the news, God is under your watch every moment of every moment.

47. I have found Bhagat of God like you wherever I look, look here, where I see only devotees

48. We did not see any promise in love, we did not see Radha and Rani in Shyam
Kanha Teri Bansi Pukare Radha Naam people do

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49. Today, I have seen sleep falling out of sight again, I may have remembered something old ..

50. All the sorrows in me are appearing on your face, don't take a picture of me I'm sleepy

51. His eyes are full of sleep in his eyes, he is a dream Yuhi will pass from day tonight.

52. Don't know what magic is, I can't understand sleep, dreams are yours, dreams are yours

53.Those people whose name comes out of Radha Rani are very lucky.
Those whom Kanha adopts are very lucky

54. Everyone has to do labor for the fruits of karma land, God only gives lines, we have to fill color.

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55.God is the visible parent, and the parent is the visible God.

56.Who will remember me in this full world, O God! Here people without meaning do not even remember you !!

57.Do not take pride in yourself, you humans, and how many people like me have been made from God and mixed with them

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