Braces-Friendly Snack Ideas :

Can You Eat Crackers with Braces

Many people have a question while they are going to take orthodontic treatment can you eat crackers with braces, if you are going to get braces you have to minimize your favorite foods and drinks and good things are braces allowing most of the foods to consume accept hard foods,


If you have a habit of eating crunchy or hard food you have to reduce during braces treatment, there is many types of crackers such as ritz crackers, saltine, goldfish, graham, and animal, the dentist always advise not to consume hard types of foods its harmful to your braces,


If you are a lover of crackers you can eat small or light crackers with braces but you need to know how you can eat and what type of food is right for your braces and what need to avoid let’s talk step by step to enjoy your favorite foods.

Can You Eat Crackers with Braces

Nowadays very common question especially kids asking can you eat crackers with braces, the answer is no, you can’t eat any kind of crackers with braces, it will damage your braces or make loose brackets or wires, it might stick under the wires and brackets,


And dentist not allowing to consume crackers during orthodontic treatment but there are some types of crackers you can eat like small or light crackers but I will suggest not to consume it might impact your braces treatment result,


Many cases crackers stick between the teeth and wires and it's very hard to remove even you doing brushing and flossing every corner, many patients eating without care of their braces after they are getting issues their braces are getting loose or feeling pain,


If the brackets and wires become bend because of the careless that cause will turn into the negative way it might push your teeth into the wrong palace, feel discomfort, pain and other tooth problems also it might slow down your treatment performance,


The best thing is to avoid chewy or hard foods to stay safe and get a beautiful smile at a certain time, try to stay away especially popcorn, crust thin pizza, nuts, raw vegetable, whole an apple, takis, taffy, cookies, chew gum, alcohol, soda, meat with bone, tortilla chips and steak and don’t forget to maintain your daily oral hygiene routine.


Why You Can’t Eat Crackers with Braces

Crackers are one of the hard types of foods it can damage or bend the wires of your braces, the second thing is it will stick inside the wire and teeth, third issues are stuck pieces will make the pain in your teeth, another thing is it might increase cavities and bacteria in your mouth,


However, if you can’t stay without crackers then you have to eat carefully otherwise its risk of damaging your braces before you decide to eat ask your dentist to get proper instruction base on your treatment situation, otherwise, tries to avoid for a few months only.


How To Eat Crackers with Braces

Most of the people wearing braces but not care while consuming foods after food is turning negatives result, before you going to eat any foods you should know how you can consume and what you have to reduce and maintain,


·         Step: Choose the small or light crackers to consume with braces

·         Step: Crackers should be a bit size pieces and soft types

·         Step: take your time to eat and chew slowly

·         Step: need to consume carefully if you feel it's very hard or it will stick to avoid it

·         Step: After finish the refreshments, you need to floss and brush bottom to the line as well as rinse your mouth

Can You Eat Ritz Crackers with Braces

A lot of patient asking about can you eat ritz crackers with braces, the ritz crackers are one of the hard kind of foods you should avoid it, ritz crackers might damage or bend your braces and orthodontics not allowing to consume hard crackers with braces,


Ritz crackers are crunchy and crispy, it made with corn syrup with sugar its good for your overall health but during braces treatment, you have to avoid eating ritz crackers, it might hurt your brackets and wire as well it can affect to your braces treatment result,


So, batter to avoid all kinds of crackers like ritz, saltine, goldfish crackers, graham, and animal crackers, however, you can ask also your dentist to suggest an alternative to crackers.


What Foods Can You Eat with Braces

When you are going to wear braces, you have to ask your dentist what kind nourishments can you eat with braces and what types of nutrients you can't consume with braces, below the list of the foods you can eat with braces,


Foods Can You Eat with Braces at (Breakfast)

·         All kind of Dairy products

·         Eggs

·         Pancakes

·         Milk

·         Yogurt

·         Oatmeal

·         French toast

·         Soggy cereals

·         All kind of Soft fruits

·         Smoothies

·         Milkshakes

·         Waffles

Foods Can You Eat with Braces at (Lunch)

·         Egg salads

·         Seafood

·         Boneless chicken as well tender

·         Meat without bone

·         Steamed vegetable

·          Cheese

·         Jelly

·         Sandwiches

·         Potato mashed

·         Soft bread

·         Cake

·         Ice cream (without ice)

·         Soft cookies

·         Cooked rice

·         Cooked pasta

·         Soft tortilla

·         Burgers

·         Soup

·        Peanut butter

·         Noodle

·         Bacon

·         Bananas, kiwi, apple, strawberries, oranges, grapes, etc.


Foods Can You Eat with Braces at (Dinner)

·         Meatloaf

·         Crab cakes

·         Beans

·         Soft rice (cooked)

·         Roasted vegetable

·         Mashed potato

·         Tuna

·         Salmon

·         Meatballs

·         Pudding or jell- o

·         Bite-sized pieces pizza

·         Bite-sized Hamburgers

·         Shushi

·         French fries

·         Potato chips (soft)

·         Pasta dishes

·         Cheetos

·         Goldfish

·         Marshmallow

·         Macaroni and cheese

·         Low sugary drinks

·         Salads

·         Cereals

·         Fries

·         KFC and McDonald


Foods You Can't Eat with Braces

While you are wearing braces, you need to know what kind of nutrients you can't eat with braces to protect from harmful or discoloration your braces below mention foods to avoid,

·         Chicken with bone

·         Meat

·         Hard rolls

·         Popcorn

·         Nuts

·         Tortilla

·         Seeds

·         Sticky and hard chocolate

·         Taffy and mentos

·         Thick crust pizza

·         Raw vegetable

·         Italian/French bread

·         Corn on the cob

·         Ice

·         Meat with bone

·         Whole apple, raw carrot, guards, pear

·         Hard Crackers and hard cookies

·         Chewing gum and bubble gum

·         Alcohol such a wine, vodka, carboned drinks

·         Pretzels

·         Croutons

·         tootsie rolls

·         Spicy foods

·         Gummy bears

·         Funyuns

·         Hard candy and sticky candy


12 Drinks You Can Enjoy with Braces

1.    Apple juice

2.    Horchata

3.    Hot Coffee

4.    Nitro cold brew coffee

5.    Orange juice

6.    Boba tea

7.    Mango lassi

8.    Hot chocolate

9.    Hot tea

10. Lemonade

11. Sweet tea

12. Milk


14 Drinks You Can’t Enjoy with Braces

1.    Hot Coffee

2.    Iced Coffee

3.    Hot Tea

4.    Iced Tea

5.    Curry

6.    Turmeric spiced food

7.    Red pasta sauces

8.    Spaghetti sauce

9.    Pizza sauce

10. Enchilada sauce

11. Balsamic vinegar

12. Soy sauce

13. Pomegranates

14. Blueberries


Benefits of Crackers

1.    Low in Calories

2.    B-Complex vitamins

3.    Dietary fiber

4.    Good energy source


Crackers Nutrition Facts

·         The calories are - 70.

·         Sodium is -150mg.

·         Sugar is - 0gm.

·         Fat is - 1.5g.

·         Protein is - 1g.

·         Fiber is - 0g.

·         Carbohydrates are -12g.

Best Types of Crackers

·         Bath Oliver

·         Cream cracker

·         Crispbread

·         Cheese

·         Graham

·         Hardtack

·         Bobby Ribwich

·         Mein gon

·         Nantong Xiting

·         Oatcake

·         Olive no Hana

·         Oyster

·         Pretzel

·         Saltine

·         Taralli

·         Water biscuit


Brand-name crackers:

·         Ritz Crackers

·         Arnott's Shapes

·         Better Cheddars

·         Captain's Wafers

·         Cheddars

·         Cheese Nips

·         Cheez-It

·         Club Crackers

·         Crown Pilot

·         Pepperidge Farm

·         Premium Plus

·         Rice Thins

·         Ritz Crackers

·         Ryvita

·         SAO biscuit

·         Vegetable Thins

·         Westminster

·         Wheat Thins

Rice crackers:

·         Bite-sized Japanese

·         sauce.

·         Rengginang

·         Rice cracker

·         Senbei

·         Beika

·         Arare (food)

·         Bakauke

·         Olive no Hana

·         Senbei


A lot of patients asking a question can you eat crackers with braces, the reply is no, you can’t consume with braces, its harmful for your orthodontic treatment, and dentist not allowed to eat any type of crackers or hard foods, if you any doubt you need to discuss with your dentist for a proper guide base on your treatment situation. Thank

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