When Can I Drink Soda After Tooth Extraction

Many people asking a question during the treatment when can I drink soda after tooth extraction after the surgery you should not drink any types of soda carboned drinks and alcohol as well hot and cold coffee or tea will create discomfort,


After tooth extraction, if you drink it will make bleeding, pain, dry socket issues, etc. so, let’s talk step by step about when you can drink soda, carboned drinks, and coffee after your tooth extraction

When Can I Drink Soda After Tooth Extraction

Now days very common request when can I drink soda after tooth extraction, the answer is you can drink soda but after 2 to 3 weeks, many dentists will advise you can drink after 24 hours, drinking after 24 hours its harmful for your treatment,


before 2 weeks if you drink soda/alcohol or carboned drinks more that might make your treatment unsuccessful with more painful and it happens with many patients, so batter to stay away at least first to 48 hours for a batter result,


Normally after tooth extraction people can eat soft foods after 24 hours but for the drinks and hard types of foods or smoking you need to minimize for a few days, you can drink after 24hours of cold coffee and normal water and fluids,


Might you ask how long you should wait to drink soda after a tooth extraction, minimum time is 72 to 48 hours if you can’t stay without soda otherwise wait 2 weeks before you drink soda you should talk with your dentist,


First 24 Hours Need to Avoid:

·         Hot beverages and hot foods

·         Drink through straw

·         Soda

·         Alcohol/ Beer

·         Carboned drinks after 2 weeks

·         Hot coffee and tea

·         Acid contains foods juice

·         Do not rinse or spitting

·         Smoking/ tobacco/ vape

·         Avoid Brushing


Why Can't I Drink Soda After Tooth Extraction

Many patients confused about drinking favorite drinks especially alcohol and soda, before you drink you should know what happens if I drink soda after tooth extraction or ask your dentist for proper advice,


The first thing is your soda will create bleeding issues and the second matter is you will get more pain or discomfort in the extraction area, third things are treatment will be longer than expected time, it might turn the dry socket problems and take time to heal,


In the surgical process, you need to be very careful with your habits dentist rules otherwise you will get trouble from your treatment so batter to ask your dentist before drinking soda or other drinks.


Don’t and Dos After Your Tooth Extraction


Don’t after tooth extraction:

·         Constantly rinsing out blood or spitting/saliva

·         Eating hard and hot foods as well as hot drinks it will increase swelling

·         Don’t take antibiotics or painkiller without your dentist prescription 

·         Smoking and drinking alcohol/beer/soda/carbonated beverages

·         Sprite/dry coke/seltzer/Pepsi/wine 

·         Using a straw to drink it might dislodge the blood clot

·         Avoid chew gum and crunchy foods

·         Meddling extraction site

·         Don’t poke around the tooth extraction site

·         Expert yourself


2Do’s after your tooth extraction:

·         Take some rest the first 24 hours after tooth extraction

·         Always choose soft and cold foods

·         Take a prescription from your dentist for painkiller

·         Maintain your dental oral hygiene

·         Bite firmly on the gauze for 30 minutes to 1 hours at least 

·         Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated but be careful

·         Try ice pack



How Long After Tooth Extraction Can I Drink Soda

Many young patients asking how long after tooth extraction can I drink soda, the reply is you need to wait for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours best is not drinks before 1 to 2 weeks to heal the pain and dry socket problems,


It depends on your mind if not care for your tooth and teeth you can nobody going to stop but at the end of the day you will be in trouble of dental issues and more painful so good is to avoid drinking soda at least 1 week after wisdom teeth removal.


Can You Drink Soda with Stitches in Your Mouth

after stitches in your mouth, you can’t drink soda or alcohol you need to avoid any types of drinks after 24 hours your oral surgery, if you want to drink soda with mouth stitches you need to control your habit until 7 to 14 days,


some of the stitches come out after seven days and some of the take time around 2 weeks to dissolve, in this condition, you need to follow your dentist's instructions to make smooth oral surgery treatment.


Might you ask about foods you can eat after 2 days of soft types of foods such as cooked cereals, milkshakes, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, ice cream, pudding, yogurt, refried beans, and fruit smoothies.   


After your tooth extraction, you can eat the opposite side to avoid any kind of discomfort and pain, good thing is before you start your treatment take your food for 24 hours to stay without foods and drinks after your oral surgery.


What to Drink After Tooth Extraction

·         Milk

·         Vegetable juice

·         Uncarbonated drink

·         Fruits juice

·         Water drink as much as you can


What not drink after tooth extraction

·         Seltzer water

·         Diet Coke

·         Sprite and Pepsi

·         Soda

·         Carbonated

·         Alcohol


When Can You Drink Carbonated Drinks After Tooth Extraction

Most of the patient asking after tooth extraction when can you drink carbonated drinks after tooth extraction or when can I drink soda after tooth extraction the reply is you need to wait 2 weeks to 3 weeks to drink carbonated beverages, its harmful for your teeth and tooth,


If you can’t wait without your favorite carbonated beverages or alcohol/soda minimum you need to wait 48 hours best is at least keep avoiding 3 to 5 days, carboned drinks can cause a blood clot or dislodged dry socket so batter to avoid carbonated drinks after tooth extraction to get well soon,


Many people might suggest you drink with a straw don’t try straw it will hurt your tooth and increase pain extraction area and might you feel mouth closing and opening issues and its very common problems for those treatments,


However, your dentist will give you proper instruction about what drinks you can enjoy and what you need to avoid during your treatment process.


Why Can't You Drink Carbonated Drinks After Tooth Extraction

After your tooth extraction, you need to stay away completely from carbonated drinks, it will cause issues such a blood clot, dry socket, gum disease, alveolar osteitis, saliva, etc. so, batter to keep away your drinks for the first weeks to get proper treatment and best result from your oral surgery,


There are many other problems you might face if you drink carbonated drinks after tooth extraction or after wisdom teeth removal, and your dentist will guide you on what you have to consume and what you have to stop during your treatment.


Foods You Can Eat After Tooth Extraction

·         Scrambled eggs

·         Soup

·         Mashed potatoes

·         Greek Yogurt

·         Applesauce

·         Pudding

·         Mashed bananas

·         Blended Soups

·         Applesauce

·         Mashed Pumpkin

·         Mashed Bananas

·         Smoothies

·         Salmon

·         Avocado

·         Hummus

·         Cottage Cheese    

·         baby Food

·         mashed Baked Beans

·         Black Beans mashed if necessary

·         Bananas

·         flakey, soft Biscuits

·         Broccoli steamed soft

·         Broth

·         cooked soft Butternut Squash

·         Carrots -steamed soft

·         Casseroles

·         Cheese

·         Cheesecake

·         Clams and Clam Chowder

·         soaked in milk until soft Cold Cereal

·         Cottage Cheese

·         Cake

·         Canned Peas

·         Crab Cakes

·         Cranberry Sauce

·         Cream

·         Cupcake

·         Custard

·         Doughnuts

·         Ensure

·         Eggs scrambled, poached, fried

·         Egg Noodles

·         Egg Salad                                                       


Foods Need to Avoid After Tooth Extraction

·         Spicy foods

·         Chewy foods

·         Seeds

·         Grains

·         Crunchy foods

·         Crumbly foods

·         Hard types of foods

·         Alcohol, beer, soda, carbonated drinks   

·         Pizza

·         Burgers

·         Chips

·         Chicken

·         Meat and steak

·         Fish

·         Takis

·         Tortilla

·         Corn



How long does it take to recover from a tooth extraction

many people asking after tooth extraction how long does it takes to recover from tooth extraction, normally it take about 3 to 4 weeks to heal the oral problems, after treatment tooth extraction 48 hours to 72 hours take to normally relax,


it depends on your treatment and cause situation, if there are more issues it will take time and if it’s a small cause it will dissolve after a few days.



When can I brush my teeth with toothpaste after an extraction

It’s a very common question can I brush my teeth with toothpaste after an extraction, yes you can brush but you need to wait for the first 3 to 4 days after one week, you can brush with toothpaste before one week don’t brush,


Instead of the brush, you can use a clean cloth to clean your extraction area or you can use a wet gauze pad, if you brush it might cause a dry socket and other diseases so batter not to rinse after tooth extraction.


A lot of patients asking a question when can I drink soda after tooth extraction, the reply is you can’t consume before 2 weeks, its harmful for your oral surgery, and dentist not allowed to consume any type of soda and carbonated drinks, also sticky or hard foods, however, if you any hesitation you need to discuss with your oral surgent for a proper guide. Thanks

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