Can i Smoke Hookah After Tooth Extraction?

No, it is better not to do this at least on the first day after surgery. There is an opinion that smoking hookah is safer than traditional cigarettes, 

but it is wrong. In any case, it is prohibited to smoke hookah, electronic or ordinary cigarettes after removing the organs of chewing.

Even with a low concentration of nicotine in the body, saliva can lead to the fact that the wound will not heal, and the clot in it will dissolve.

It is worth knowing that hookah tobacco does not pass GOST certification. In ordinary cigarettes, this is a must. And only one such fact should make a person doubt the safety of this type of smoking.

The harm of a hookah is that a person inhales smoke that subsequently enters the lungs. Harmful components are also concentrated in the oral cavity, where the operation has recently taken place.

Hookah smoke constituents are the main sources of complications after tooth extraction. And if we are talking about a wisdom tooth, then even more so. 

This is the most problematic organ of chewing. Therefore, you should not risk ignoring generally accepted recommendations.

It should be borne in mind that the anesthesia used by dental surgeons during interventions negatively affects all the respiratory muscles of a person. It reduces the amount of oxygen inhaled.

Can i Smoke Hookah After Tooth Extraction

Nicotine also acts on the smoker’s body in a similar way, regardless of whether it is hookah or cigarette. And for the same reason, smoking after anesthesia is fraught with hypoxia – the brain suffers from a lack of oxygen supply.

So, smoking hookah after removing any tooth is prohibited. To prevent the development of complications and help the gums to recover, you need to follow all the recommendations of a specialist.

You should not eat solid, salty, spicy foods and drink alcohol, you should avoid strenuous physical activity. Keep food and drinks warm. No matter how qualified the dental surgeon is, the further healing of the postoperative wound depends on the patient himself.

Smoke Hookah After Tooth Extraction:

Did you know that up to 20% of college students have used a hookah, or water pipe, to smoke? 

While cigarette smoking has declined in recent years, hookah smoking has grown in popularity, probably due to the belief that it is healthier for the mouth than cigarettes. 

Unfortunately, this is a lie, as hookah smoking has been linked to a variety of oral and general health problems. Continue reading to learn more about hookah smoking and whether you should avoid it in the future.

What Are Hookahs and How Do They Work?

A hookah is a water pipe with a smoking chamber, a bowl, a piper, a hose, and a mouthpiece, also known as shisha or narghile. 

Heat is applied to specially prepared tobacco, and the smoke passes through the pot of water before being breathed through the hose and mouthpiece.

Strawberry, mint, and spiced chai, to name a few. In most cases, the amount of nicotine in this tobacco is not regulated.

Cigarettes vs. Hookahs

Because hookah tobacco is flavored, unlike cigarettes, smokers may feel that hookah smoking is healthier or, at the very least, that hookahs contain less of the evil stuff, aka nicotine. Hookahs, on the other hand, release nicotine, the same addictive ingredient that cigarettes do.

Because of the manner, a hookah is used, hookah smokers may absorb more harmful nicotine than cigarette smokers. This is due to the fact that a single waterpipe session can last up to 80 minutes, with the smoker receiving 50-200 puffs. 

According to the American Dental Association's MouthHealthy, a cigarette takes about 5-7 minutes to smoke and 40-75 puffs to finish.

Furthermore, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the smoke ingested during a single hookah session can cause lung cancer.


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