Best Prime Flix web series in 2021:

Prime Flix is one of the new OTT stages that adds the new kind of following up on an alternate diversion level. There are numerous different stages where web arrangement shows legitimate substance, yet prime flix web arrangement brings the spot of masala that everybody needed for amusement. We have closed a rundown of a portion of the exceptional prime flix web arrangement list. 

Here is the best Prime Flix web arrangement list: Binge Watch in 2021 

PrimeFlix never frustrates the watchers for the inventiveness and the thrilling arrangement. We should examine the PrimeFlix Web arrangement that you can marathon watch effectively and that can without much of a stretch deal with your diversion. so here is the rundown of the best web arrangement in prime in 2021. 

01. Kamasutra 


Star Cast 

  • Karan Sharma 
  • Mokshita Raghav 

The story Kamya Sutra is a grown-up and mysterious tale about a wedded couple Kamya and Karan. They are cheerfully hitched, and Kamya is a hot and enchanting lady who realizes how to satisfy her better half. While everything is going on and the two of them making the most of their life, they went on Honeymoon. 

Not long after they got back from an excursion, Karan is scared about the entire episode when one of his companions informs him regarding his better half. He knows something about his better half's previous existence and cozy experience. The prime flix web arrangement as Kamasutra is about enticement and sentiment, and it is now delivered on June 18. 

02. Pimp 

Prime Flix web series

Star Cast 

  • Gaurav Bajaj 
  • Kiara 
  • Kuldeep 
  • Praveen 
  • Ravi Kothari 
  • Shalini Sahay 
  • Tapasya Agnihotri 
  • Yogesh Mathur 

Pimp is the tale of Rajiv, who went to the city of dreams. He needs that everybody should know him and needed to turn into a money manager. He chose to be a pimp and oversees whores for having the correct customers. He would not like to be around here, yet he procures well, so he dismisses the place of good and bad. 

As he has a place with an unassuming community, he gets feelings, however, he crossed every one of the cutoff points in the wake of being at a specific finish of accomplishment. It is energizing to perceive what will occur with him, and the Pimp arrangement is delivered on May 10. 

03. Simran {The Lost Soul} 

Star Cast 

  • Arun Shekhar 
  • Gopi Bhalla 
  • Karan Sharma 
  • Keval Dasani 
  • Kriti Verma 
  • Mukesh Tiwari 
  • Nibedita Pal 
  • Rohin Robert 
  • Sufi Sayyed 

The Simran {The Lost Soul} web arrangement is somewhat of a ghastliness thrill ride that rotates around the tale of five companions. Something happened to that gathering of companions when they made a trip to Rudrapur for a short get-away. The get-away transforms into an awfulness trip when they put their foot in Rudrapur fortress, and one of the companions opened the shut entryway. 

It was said that there is some soul of a woman who was secured that room, and when that room opened, it had the young lady. The arrangement is a serious spine chiller for the ghastliness or extraordinary components. The Simran : The Lost Soul is prime flix unique arrangement it was delivered on March 30. 

04. Khujand Raho 

Khujand Raho

Star Cast 

  • Manoj Joshi 
  • Nipaa Aacharya 
  • Payal Garg 
  • Rajgopal Ayyar 
  • Sanjay Bhatiya 
  • Sunil Jetlag 

The Khujand Raho arrangement is a grown-up parody that rotates around five matured men who need to investigate their sexual life's energy. So they organize a prostitute to whom they can satisfy their longings and different things. 

Later on, they think that its difficult to deal with each one of those things as they don't have the endurance to satisfy their cravings. It is energizing to perceive what they will be going to do to dazzle the prostitute. The arrangement is interesting, and it is delivered on Primeflix on March 29. 

05. 92 Hours 

Come Inside

Star Cast 

  • Arjun Manhas 
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya 
  • Shrutika Gaokar 
  • Tariq Imtiaz 

The 92 Hours arrangement rotates around a RAW specialist, Zakir, and he is good to go to commend his commemoration and sitting tight for his better half, Sania. Later on, he understood that she is grabbed, and he was damaged by this occurrence. He did everything and asked everybody to whom she can reach, yet nobody thinks about her. 

At the point when the hijackers called him and need him to do certain things as he is a Government relate and can get inner issues, he needs to zero in on her significant other. The arrangement unfurls the entire occurrence and the manner in which he saves her better half. The 92 Hours is an anticipation spine chiller prime flix web arrangement, and it is delivered on Primefilx on February 18. 

06. I bargain Friendship 

I bargain Friendship

Star Cast 

  • Agni Pawar 
  • Ansh Gupta 
  • Devraj 
  • Dheeraj Nagar 
  • Mahesh Rajput 
  • Nazia Mirza 

The secret arrangement rotates around the homicide scene of Ankush Desai, and his closest companion Kush is blamed for executing him. The police examine shim and become acquainted with that he is a superb suspect for this situation. They even discover that Kush is a medication someone who is addicted, and he is the compulsion for quite a while now. 

The I bargain Friendship arrangement brings tension when Kush tells the police that the apparitions executed Ankush. Presently the arrangement develops when Kush attempts to substantiate his honesty and affirms his account of apparitions. The arrangement is as of now delivered on Primeflix on January 18. 

07. Come Inside 

Come Inside

Star Cast 

  • Aditya Mohan Dubey 
  • Jitendra Best 
  • Kunal Singh Rajput 
  • Payal Diyala 
  • Prity Maurya 
  • Shivanya Mehrara 
  • Yogi Patel 

The arrangement's title is a parody as the story unfurls the guiltless rich young lady who is independent and didn't include her associates. The story pushes ahead when a cop falls head over heels for the blameless young lady yet little did he thinks about her past. 

There are a few explanations behind her that she never goes up against it before others. At the point when the cop thinks about her, he actually needs to shield her from any mishappenings. The wrongdoing and tension arrangement is as of now delivered on Primeflix on December 26. 

08. Phantom Leela 

Phantom Leela

Star Cast 

  • Ankush Bhat 
  • Arjun Manhas 
  • Ashwini Khairnar 
  • Mohit 
  • Mushtaq Ali Abul Hasan Shah 
  • Rohan Bhandari 
  • Vinod Dixit 

Apparition Leela is a loathsomeness and heartfelt story of a young lady Suzzane altogether enamored with Leon. As the arrangement moves further, watchers realize that Leon is a dead individual and just needs Suzzane to restore himself. In the middle of Suzanne's closest companion, Arjun loves her yet can not admit to her about her sentiments, while Margaret, another lady who needed to kill Suzzane as Leon can handle her. 

To keep up the equilibrium of nature, Margaret attempted to murder her, however, it is energizing to see Arjun can save Suzzane or not. This awe-inspiring story of sentiment and awfulness is on PrimeFlix as it is delivered on October 29. 

09. Ishqholics 


Star Cast 

  • Fezzan Khan 
  • Part Choudhary 
  • Rakhi Sawant 
  • Shoaib Nikash 
  • Shruti Gaonkar 
  • Tariq Imtiaz 

Ishqholics is the narrative of three diverse romantic tales that have an alternate point of view towards affection and desire. The first is about a kid who is infatuated with more seasoned ladies, and he needed to be with her and wants her. The subsequent story is of two dearest companions who are sexually unbiased, and as the two of them begin to invest their energy, they discover that they are enamored with one another. 

The third story is about a roadster; who imagined that connections are exhausting. So they began to concur that in the wake of being seeing someone, actually can do anything with anybody. The Ishqholics arrangement of adoration and desire is on PrimeFlix, and it is delivered on October 29. 


We have finished up a rundown of exceptional Prime Flix web arrangements that assist you with making some great memories marathon watching. A portion of the arrangement are incredibly emotional, and some are the exemption of sentiment. PrimeFlix is the most current web stage that adds to the new class of acting and accepts that each story portrays society's inescapable reality.

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