Wedding  Anniversary Quotes In English :

A wedding is a time of happiness for everyone's wedding Quotes, at this time everyone is happy because it is the happiest day in their house. This day is significant in the families of both the bride and groom. Gather and celebrate the wedding,
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Marriage  Anniversary Quotes for WhatsApp:

short wedding quotes
😊Marriage is one aspect of life in which responsibilities increase but they feel good.
😊Family is not an important thing. It is everything. 
😊Life is painful Still, there is relief in it That I am yours and you are mine I wish we were like this, this wish is still there. Happy anniversary! 
😊This bond of love tied with seven rounds, Stay bound like this for life, No one can see your love And you just kept celebrating the anniversary every year.

famous wedding quotes
😊A successful marriage means loving the same person over and over again.
😊May your life light up like a lamp May your blessings be with God We keep wishing the anniversary every year like this.
😊You are thinking about life for what it is all about, but at the end of the day, it is all about the family.
😊You do not choose your family. They are God's gifts to you, just as you are to them.

                                         wedding quotes funny
😊A wedding is a building that you make together with your spouse. In which only small moments make your love story
 😊A man should never neglect his family for his business.
😊From Gagar to Sagar, From love to trust, May your pair be safe throughout the life Happy wedding anniversary with this same blessing
😊You are thinking about life for what it is all about, but at the end of the day, it is all about the family.

indian wedding quotes
😊Finding the right person is the secret of a happy married life.
😊How beautifully have you seen each other's life Celebrate the wedding anniversary with grandeur, your relationship is very lovely. Happy anniversary!
😊This pair is even more beautiful than flowers, May God bless each other for every moment, happy wedding anniversary.
😊Seeing it, there must be love in my heart…… even the Royal Enfield Bullet does it. ”
wedding quotes funny
😊The stars will come out of the moon to smile! We will be happy when you come to our wedding
😊May your pair be safe, There is a lot of love in life, Every day you celebrate with joy, Happy wedding anniversary to you!
😊Humans do not just burn with fire, some people burn with our style
😊All that is needed is your life… that if I sit on the ground, people will call it my greatness

wedding quotes for cards
😊A wedding ceremony is a celebration of only one day but marriage becomes a celebration of every day of life.
😎Never be weak of faith, Never let the bond of love be weak May your pair be safe for years, Many wedding anniversary greetings.
😎Your pair should be settled like this, May every dream come true for you Bless me forever Happy wedding anniversary to you.
😎May every moment of your life give you satisfaction; May every moment of the day give you happiness; Where the air of gum did not even touch; May God give you that life. happy wedding anniversary.
wedding quotes in hindi
😎A great marriage is possible only between those two people who can love each other from the depths of their hearts.
😎If you do not have a happy marriage, you cannot have a happy family.
😎Congratulations and many best wishes on the wedding anniversary, You have many successes in life, Wish God that you get happiness and prosperity.
😎May your life be more beautiful than heaven, May your life smell with the fragrance of the flower Live life with each other like this, Best wishes on the wedding anniversary with this blessing.

wedding quotes for bride
💓May the lives of both of you be full of happiness, what can I say more, just be a world of happiness…!
💓In olden times sacrifices were offered at the altar. The same thing happens today.
💓A lover is incomplete until he marries. After that it ends.
💓Marriage is neither heaven nor hell, it is just a torture.

wedding quotes for sister
💓Her before marriage The voice was very sweet. That sounds cute Now the ears are heavy.
💓How can a woman expect to be happy with a man who treats her as if he were a normal creature?
💓Never marry while studying in college; If your future employer finds out that you have already made a mistake, it is difficult to get a job.
💓Marriage is the way of nature that we do not fight with unknown people. 
wedding season quotes
💓One day you will be going as a bride, you will have Mehendi in your hands, that day you will not have a love for me, but after that day you will also be crying for me
💓The beautiful moment of the beautiful people; Lighted moments of beautiful moments; Wholeheartedly for both of you; Wedding anniversary greetings Happy Anniversary.
💓If you want to read about love and marriage, then you have to read two different books.
💓All marriages are happy. They later get in trouble for being together.

wedding trailer quotes
💓That which brings in the auspicious and takes away the inauspicious! Dravhu Sudasrath Azar Bihari !!
💓You do not choose your family. They are God's gifts to you, just as you are to them.
💓The best duty of a woman is to become the pillar of her family
💓Bread making is not a big deal, but eating bread with family is a big deal

friends wedding quotes
💓Mangalam Lord Vishnu Mangalam Garudadhwaj! Mangalam Pundarikakshya Mangalayo Tano Hari
💓I am sending you a lot of blessings for my love and happy partner, I hope this is a special occasion, this is a big truth, which will give you loving life and you will be entered into a happy life.
💓May God never intercourse with each other Just spend your whole life as one Wish you never miss a moment of happiness from both of you !!Happy marriage anniversary!!
💓How beautiful it is Celebrate this wedding anniversary with great pomp, Your relationship is very sweet. !!Happy marriage anniversary!!

strong marriage quotes
💓Every boy has such a girl in his life that he loves a lot but cannot marry.
💓Today, on the auspicious occasion of your engagement, you are sending heartfelt wishes, you will get all the happiness of life that you are looking for.
💓He gives good wishes again and again. Khushi comes with many thousands of hearts, we congratulate you, my dear friend.
💓No moment is morning nor any moment is evening Every moment, every moment is your name, Don't just take it as poetry, These are our messages of love from you !! Happy wedding anniversary

wedding planning quotes
💓You got married to luck, from today onwards you will be busy with new happiness
💓In the storm, the Kashmiris get the edge, People in the world get support, Where life is the sweetest, Some people also love this life. Happy Anniversary.

marriage destiny quotes
💓The cuckoo asked Kove why you have not been so simple that the crow has said so much in the life of marriage without marriage.
💓Happy engagement, love is the love you get from my heart, this is my sweet world, Happy engagement to you

marriage quotes funny
💓I have reappeared happily today when we came to know that we are getting married to you
💓When we have a partner, what's the matter May this memorable beginning of this beautiful journey continue, May your relationship be more beautiful, keep this moment in your life, again and again, Happy birthday to you on your wedding anniversary again and again !! Happy marriage anniversary.

wedding enjoyment quotes
💓You have to put your hand in a bag full of wedding cuts with the hope that some of it will get full.
💓Lifelike flowers, be happy with your moon, life is full of happiness every moment of your life, Happy Engagement !!

happy marriage quotes
💓A good marriage can only take place between a blind wife and a deaf husband.
💓Eat, drink, be happy, the wedding anniversary has come, how beautiful you both have made your beautiful world… !!

funny wedding captions for guests
💓A successful marriage can only take place between a blind wife and a deaf husband

quotes for wedding cards
💓Decorate your life with lots of flowers, Enjoy every moment of your life. God bless you

wedding quotes and sayings   wedding quotes for bride and groom
💓Happy your friends are happy again and again, your house is filled with many thousands of hearts, we congratulate you, my brother

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