When people getting braces, they have many questions about foods such a can you eat chicken nuggets with braces or can you eat chicken with braces, braces allowing to eat all kind of foods to eat accept hard foods, crunchy foods, and sticky foods,


Orthodontic treatment period soft foods are the best to eat to avoid damaging and making stain, cavities, bacteria, and other tooth issues if have a habit of eating hard types of nutrients than you need to reduce otherwise it will break your braces brackets and wires,


The dentist always advises not to eat chicken with bones and chicken wings with braces it might cause your orthodontic treatment especially traditional braces, chicken pieces will be stuck under the brackets and wires, lets talk how you can enjoy it.

Can You Eat Chicken Nuggets with Braces

Many patients have a confuse about can you eat chicken nuggets with braces, the dentist response is it's fine to eat with braces, dentist allowing to eat nuggets while wearing braces, there are many types of chicken nuggets recopies just you need to choose soft chicken nuggets,


You can eat chicken nuggets in the first day of wearing your braces or Invisalign aligners trays, nuggets are boneless chicken it's ok to eat with braces there are some foods its harmful to your orthodontic treatment that dentist will advise to you while getting braces,


Nuggets has vitamins-B, veggies and protein also whole grain, it's very healthy foods for your body, it helps to reduce weight, as well as Mc nuggets and McDonald's, also fries chicken eat with braces it's fine but should be wins and boneless like BBQ, grilled,

Some hard foods need to avoid during orthodontic treatment such a thin crust pizza, nuts, corn on the cob, crackers, burgers, takis, cookies, hard rolls, croutons, and ice those are the nutrients are harmful to braces treatment and after your meal you need to brush and floss bottom to line your teeth.



How to Eat Chicken Nuggets with Braces

Eating chicken nuggets with braces it's as normal but only you need to follow some steps to avoid damaging or stuck small pieces under the brackets and wires which is very hard to remove even you flossing and brushing properly,


·         Should be boneless chicken which will keep safe your teeth and braces.

·         Soft cooked will help you to eat and chew easily and soft or boiled will prevent from damaging your braces

·         Make small pieces which types of chicken you like to eat, before eating you need to make bites size or use a knife or fork to safe your braces, as well you can use your fingers if you want.

·         Chew slowly while you eating your meals, faster can bend or break your brackets.

·         Choose always nonsticky foods that will not stick inside the wires and easy to maintaining cleaning of your teeth. 

·         Possible to eat such a chicken salad, sandwiches, meatloaf, soup, and noodle soup.



Can You Eat Chicken with Braces

Lots of patient asking while they are getting treatment can you eat chicken with braces, why not, you can eat chicken on braces but you need to consume soft and boneless and need to avoid wins and chicken with bone or big pieces,


Orthodontic treatment allowing to from the first day to eat, accept hard and stick or crunchy foods other all kind of nutriments you can enjoy there are no issues, just you need to avoid bone and hard types of recipes chicken, it will damage you break your braces,


Many people asking can I eat KFC with braces, yes, you can consume while you are wearing braces best thing is to eat using a knife and fork to make sure to make small pieces, you can also eat meat with braces if you make bit sizes.


Some types of chicken need to avoid if possible while wearing braces such a sticky, dry, fried crispy, wings, chicken burgers, and bone, those might loose your brackets and wires.



What Types of Chicken You Can Eat with Braces

1.    Boneless

2.    salad

3.    Nuggets

4.    Soft types

5.    noodles

6.    Soup

7.    Sandwich

8.    Gravy

9.    Fried

10. Wraps

11. Meatloaf


Is It Ok To Eat Chicken with Braces

Yes, its fine to eat chicken with braces, just you need to maintain your daily dental oral hygiene routine, and while consuming don’t eat faster chew slowly to keep safe braces wire and brackets,


If you feel any types of irritation after eating chicken than batter to avoid or discus with your dentist to find the issues might not problems from the food it’s from the treatment, so while you visit to your dentist ask about confuse to get suggestion base on your treatment.   



Can You Eat Fried Chicken with Braces

A lot of people asking can you eat fried chicken with braces, its good for your health and braces there is no problems, fried chicken replace your meat habit, you can consume with your first day, after eating you need to brush and floss your teeth,


Boneless wings chicken can consume without any issues but don’t try wings with bone, also you eat chicken tenders with braces but tenders is little difficult to eat, need to consume carefully while consuming,


If you feel any types of foods it can damage or stuck under the brackets then try to avoid consuming it might create discomfort or pain to your teeth, hard meat, or bone has chances to damage your braces, before you decide any kind of nutrients talks with your dentist.


Its safe to eat no need to worry about it, if you don’t feel good then you can skip consuming cowardly, might you feel confuse about eating chicken wings with braces, for the wind should be boneless, otherwise it might cause your braces.


What Foods Can You Eat with Braces

When you getting braces you have to know and ask your dentist what foods can you eat with braces and what foods you can't eat with braces, food is one of part of your orthodontic treatment successful below given list of the foods you can eat with braces,


Foods Can You Eat with Braces in (Breakfast)

·         Eggs

·         Pancakes

·         Milk

·         Yogurt

·         Oatmeal

·         French toast

·         Soggy cereals

·         All kind of Soft fruits

·         Smoothies

·         Milkshakes

·         Waffles


Foods Can You Eat with Braces in (Lunch)

·         Egg salads

·         Seafood

·         Boneless chicken as well tender

·         Meat without bone

·         Steamed vegetable

·          Cheese

·         Jelly

·         Sandwiches

·         Potato mashed

·         Soft bread

·         Cake

·         Ice cream (without ice)

·         Soft cookies

·         Cooked rice

·         Cooked pasta

·         Soft tortilla

·         Burgers

·         Soup

·        Peanut butter

·         Noodle

·         Bacon

·         Bananas, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, grapes, etc.



Foods Can You Eat with Braces in (Dinner)

·         Meatloaf

·         Crab cakes

·         Beans

·         Soft rice (cooked)

·         Roasted vegetable

·         Mashed potato

·         Tuna

·         Salmon

·         Meatballs

·         Pudding or jell- o

·         Bite sized pieces pizza

·         Bite-sized Hamburgers

·         Shushi

·         Pasta dishes

·         Cheetos

·         Goldfish

·         Marshmallow

·         Low sugary drinks

·         Salads

·         Cereals

·         Fries

·         KFC and McDonald



Foods You Can't Eat with Braces

While you are wearing braces, you need to understand what types of foods you can't eat with braces to protect from damaging or staining your braces below mention batter to avoid,


·         Chicken with bone

·         Meat

·         Hard rolls

·         Popcorn

·         Nuts

·         Tortilla

·         Seeds

·         Sticky and hard chocolate

·         Taffy and mentos

·         Thick crust pizza

·         Raw vegetable

·         Italian/French bread

·         Corn on the cob

·         Ice

·         Meat with bone

·         Whole apple, raw carrot, guards, pear

·         Hard Crackers and hard cookies

·         Chewing gum and bubble gum

·         Alcohol such a wine, vodka, carboned drinks

·         Pretzels

·         Croutons

·         Spicy foods

·         Hard candy and sticky candy




A lot of patients asking a question can you eat chicken nuggets with braces dentist allowing to consume with braces, the best thing is to avoid eating with bone, chicken with the bone it's harmful to orthodontic treatment, and the dentist not allowed to consume any type of hard and sticky foods, so before you consuming your favorite foods you should ask your dentist for an exact guide base on your treatment condition. Thanks


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